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Maboulangerie.Net is the supplier of bakery and pastry equipments to worldwide with manufacturer partners.
Machines and equipments are produced in Turkey under international quality standards as CE,TUV, ISO 9001:2000, AQA international, ANSI - RAB.
Maboulangerie.Net supplies bakery and pastry equipments with internet marketting partners.

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How to place the order and make the payment ?
Choose requested product or products, model and quantity,
Indicate extra options if avaliable and requested,
Send us your company details (Company name, address, delivery address, e-mail, contact number, contact person) by e-mail or webcontact
Depends on your request, Maboulangerie.Net will send you a quotation.
If you confirm the order, ordering will be continue by payment process.

Modes of Payment :
Wire Money Transfer / Letter of Credit ( irrovocable confirmed type, all commissions must be paid by buyer)
1 - 50 % with the order confirmation - 50 % before dispatch of the goods
2 - Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit ( 50 % advance - 50 % before departure of machines). We accept letter of credit if total order is higher than 39.000 Euros
3 - Payment in our factory ( buyer can place an order in our factory after seeing machines on work ) 50 % have to paid in order and remaining balance will be paid in delivery at factory or depot

Informations about goods
Products are manufacturated under international quality standards CE,GOST,TUV,ISO 9001 :2000,Tüv Rheinland depends on suppliers.
Machines and equipment which are offered via our website, are manufacturated in EUROPEAN SUPPLIERS as SPAIN, ITALY,GERMANY,BELGIUM,SLOVAKIA, TURKEY and others.

Warranty :
New Equipment carries one year limited warranty.
No other warranties expressed or implied are valid.
Used (reconditioned) Equipment is sold in "as is" condition with no warranty, unless specifically granted in writing by the seller
Additional warranty on used equipment is available at extra cost.
Warranty covers for manufacturing faults,electricity components are not in warranty condition.

Equipment Availability:
New Equipment availability is typically 2-12 weeks from time of order/deposit

Responsibility of Purchaser :
It is the buyer responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or setup, and to adequately safeguard the machine to conform to all federal, state and local government safety standards, and all industry safety standards. Since state and local fire, building and health code licenses and permits vary extensively, Seller does not guarantee compliance therewith. Any costs or delays incurred to meet such state and local codes will be at the Buyers expense.
The price / for equipment does not include : any utility connections, electrical wiring, plumbing, venting, or alterations to the buyers premises, or any other work or materials or obtaining of building and installation permits and licenses. Also excluded are costs associated with unloading equipment or placement of equipment.
Buyer is responsible for all shipping and delivery costs, which must be paid for in full prior to the equipments departure from our facilities.
Delivery dates indicated by seller are approximate but not more than 30 days. Delivery dates will be indicated in certain orders.
Seller is not responsible for any damages or lost profits resulting from failure or delay in delivery , installation or transport periods.
Transport and insuarance belongs to buyer. Maboulangerie.Net is not responsible for any damage at transport period. Buyer is responsible for any and all return freight, redelivery or storage costs.
Any costs due to buyers refusal to accept machine belong solely to the buyer. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect equipment immediately upon receipt of shipment or delivery date,if not buyer automaticly confirm the product.

Taxes :
Purchase price is exclusive of any taxes. Prices are HTC. / without VAT.

Cancellations :
Maboulangerie.Net reserves the right to withhold all deposits in the event of cancellation of equipment orders.
Maboulangerie.Net. reserves the right to change the dimensions without notice.

Shipment & Delivery :
Maboulangerie.Net shows prices without shipping cost and VAT tax.
Shipping cost is variable depends on locations.
Maboulangerie.Net will ship products worldwide if applicable.
Maboulangerie.Net will deliver products to buyer s shipping agency
Shipping will be done depends on buyer request via truck - airway - seaway.
Maboulangerie.Net has no cooperation any shipping companies.
Maboulangerie.Net will search for better shipping qoutation for buyer.
Maboulangerie.Net is responsible for all shipping processes after approved order.
Shipping and delivery expenses are belong to buyers .
Delivery will be done to buyers address.
If some restrictions are valid, delivery will be done to nearest custom / airport / seaport.
30 days maximum delivery period from our factory + transport depends on quantity and machines.
Ovens will be delivered demonted to place easily to buyers address.Our worker travel and accommodation expenses belong to buyer.
Other machines will be packed in wooden box to protect external damages.
Buyer is responsable for taxes and local payments of buyer s country.

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